The existence of the World Wide Web has created price transparency and offers unlimited shelf space. The stationary retail trade will continue to be the central point of contact when it comes to personal advice. The trend in store design is to interlink online and offline trading. The goal of shop design is to create sales sceneries in which the customer is inspired by new ideas or products. The big advantage of stationary trading is the visual and haptic perception of the materials. Corresponding showrooms and presentation furniture characterize the modern store image, ideally with integrated digital consulting options to meet the needs of today’s connected consumers. In addition, it is recommended that the goods presentation areas can be easily adapted to new attractions, trends and products by the employees. Supportive here are flexible shelving systems with integrated power supply systems that are used for shelf lighting, tablets, displays, light boxes or electronic price labels. DWD Concepts from Dortmund offers various INWI power supply systems for show walls and shelves, which are easily integrated.

Who wants to survive as a dealer must be remembered. The attractive overall impression of the sales room, coupled with a competent advice will inspire the customer and leads to a recommendation. Great success can be achieved with targeted lighting solutions – even with a smaller purse.
A targeted lighting solution at the shelf draws attention to the goods and promotes sales. Displays with integrated backlighting and changing content generate curiosity and attract the attention of customers. With simple solutions and rapidly changing optics you create inspiration for your customers. Light boxes with high-quality textile prints are tailor-made for your show walls. Give your exhibition a special look. The motif can be changed at any time. The latest solution is a luminous display with integrated shelving system. The modular light display offers shop fitters and interior designers a flexible platform for the creative presentation of goods. The lighting systems of the shelves are supplied with electricity “invisibly” once you set up your shelf. The highlight of the new solution is the backlight using state-of-the-art LED technology. The system allows a beautiful interior design and presentation of goods, which can be changed easily by the sales staff at any time. The sophisticated combination of large-scale background and accentuated shelf lighting makes every product an eye-catcher at the point of sale. To guarantee extremely flexible product illumination, DWD Concepts offers a wide range of perfect lighting solutions in a variety of shapes.

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