Imagine a jewelry presentation which directly creates enthusiasm and a will to buy in your customer`s mind. With the LERY display cabinet light you can turn your jewelry collection into a visual highlight.

Different materials like gold, silver, platinum and diamonds require different light colors for a perfect presentation. For example, gold needs warm white light to shine even brighter, cold white gives silver and platinum the “cool touch” and brilliants, for the irresistible sparkle, are best illuminated with a high quality LED providing a high CRI. This is when the LERY showcase luminaire developed by DWD Concepts comes into play. LERY provides the entire spectrum of light colors needed for a perfect product illumination included in just one luminaire! Enable completely new design possibilities for your product presentation. Combine different product materials to be shown in one single showcase cabinet.

The filigree LERY LED display cabinet light guarantees a homogeneous and glare-free illumination of your products. LERY’s beam angle is adjustable. Highlight your products instead of blinding your customers. LERY’s dimensions can be customized in length and height according to your requirements. Increase your sales with LERY at an excellent price-performance ratio.