LED light boxes

Individual lighting solutions with area lighting
The light boxes are a perfect and decorative eye-catcher, an advertising media that directly grabs the attention of the customer. Depending on the application you can choose between white LEDs and colored LEDs (monochrome or tunable).

The PARAFLEX33 is based on an ultrathin and light weight material, which is perfect for area lighting for displays, advertising signs and light boxes.

individuelle LED Leuchtkästen mit PARAFLEX33 Flächenbeleuchtung

Fabric with 3dimensional effects
Are you looking for a fancy lighting solution?
The special textile covering creates exciting 3dimensional effects.
The possibilities are versatile.

Fabric with 3dimensional effects

No, we do not only master standards – we can do much more!

Customized solutions at an attractive price-performance ratio, such as individual color temperatures, intensity of light, unique aluminum surface finishing and specific cable and connector versions – anything is possible.

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