LERY 2.0 display cabinet lighting

LERY 2.0 display cabinet lighting
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The new LERY 2.0 display cabinet lighting was specially developed for the requirement of exclusive products. The light bar itself is rotatable and can be targeted to jewelery and watches glare-free. Different materials like gold, silver, platinum and diamonds require different light colors for an optimal presentation. For example, gold needs warm, silver and platinum cold light and brilliants, for the irresistible sparkle, a high CRI value. The LERY display case light covers the entire spectrum of light colors according to material requirements!

  • high quality LED lighting system

  • continuously available in lengths from 200 mm to 1250 mm

  • available in different color temperatures and LED powers

  • excellent light distribution

  • faithful color reproduction

  • easy installation

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The LERY 2.0 display cabinet lighting is both – an economical but also effective lighting solution for the presentation of your products.

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No, we do not only master standards – we can do much more!

Customized solutions at an attractive price-performance ratio, such as individual color temperatures, intensity of light, unique aluminum surface finishing and specific cable and connector versions – anything is possible.

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