vertical shelf support system with internal power rail

The WA INWI is a shelf support system with an integrated power rail. Current consumption is via the INWI plug on every shelf slot. This system also follows our “plug and light” motto, meaning that the shelves can be repositioned at any time when the system is in operation.


Cross section WA INWI power rail
Cross section WA INWI power rail
variable length
250 - 3500 mm 
shelf types


  • completely invisible power supply
  • shelf support system with integrated power rail
  • simple repositioning of illuminated shelves when in operation
  • Current consumption via the INWI plug
  • saves a great deal of time as no laborious laying of cables is required
  • other low-voltage products (up to 24 volts) can be connected alongside the lighting, e.g. electronic scanning rail, displays, etc.
installation options
WA INWI power rail – assembly in rear rack panel
INWI plugs
WA INWI busbar - INWI Plug 259
WA INWI power rail system
detail illustration
detail illustration

1. integrated power rail · 2. INWI plug 259 · 3. current consumption is possible through every hole

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