COLLUDO D LED luminaire

for shop fitting and manufacturing furniture

Die COLLUDO D LED luminaire can be found anywhere where light is reflected. This includes, for example, shelving at a specialist opticians as a perfect location. Its depth of 10 mm ensures that emissions from the diffuser are homogeneous and free of lighting spots, meaning that no distracting spots appear on individual products.

COLLUDO D LED luminaire

cross-section (fig. m. standard diffuser)
variable length
200 - 3000 mm 
shelf types
LED power
4,80 W/m
7,28 W/m
9,60 W/m
14,40 W/m


  • infinitely adjustable in lengths from 200 mm to 3000 mm
  • excellent light distribution
  • natural colour reproduction
  • premium quality LED lighting system
  • easy installation
  • aluminium profile with flexible LED circuit board in 3000 Kelvin (warm white), 4000 Kelvin (neutral white) or 6000 Kelvin (cold white)
  • connection cable available in various variants and lengths from 50 – 5000 mm
installation options
COLLUDO D LED luminaire – dimensions for flush mounting
COLLUDO D LED luminair – dimensions with “opal” diffuser· 75° beam angle
COLLUDO D LED luminaire – screw-on clip
end caps
COLLUDO D LED luminaire - end caps

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